Dr Bens Evictor Insect Repellent / Killer

1gal Concentrate,cedar oil spray
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Organic Indoor Insect Control:
Used for Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Scorpions and Bed Bugs.

*NOTE: For bed bugs we recommend using a Non-Thermal Fogger.

To begin an indoor treatment using a hand held sprayer we recommend you start by spraying around the entire baseboard area using a stream of solution between the floor and the wall molding.
Next: Turn the tip to adjust to a fine spray. Applying a liberal coat (until damp),starting at the far corner of the room working backwards, spray everything including under furniture, inside and dressers & drawers and shelves.

Then proceed into other areas such as Living Room and Kitchen remembering to spray underneath and behind all objects including Sofa's & Chair cushions, Carpets and other flooring. (Leave no area untreated)
Kitchen: Spray under and around Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Cabinets (inside and out).

Remember: Dr. Ben's Evictor is a contact killer and must either touch or be inhaled by the insect to incur death. This product will not stain or attract dirt.

**Important: Wait several days after treatment before cleaning or vacuuming the floor areas this will allow the solution an opportunity to erode or dehydrate the insect eggs and larvae.
Recommended application is 1 Gallon per 1200sq.ft of horizontal treatment. **Note: The odor of Dr. Ben's Evictor is not offensive but somewhat overwhelming for an hour or two when total home treatment is conducted. Given a short period of time, the atmosphere will evolve into a fresh cedar aroma.

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