Cedar Oil Body Wash for Horses 1Gal

Cedar-Derm Elite (Complete Body Wash)

For Equine, Pets & Exotic Animals Easy-to-use spray applicator cleans without scrubbing time-saving, one-step process eliminates buckets and sponges, Conditioners & repairs split ends, leaving a lustrous shine

CEDAR-DERM ELITE Cedar Oil Body Wash is an innovative, easy-to-use spray application that cleans without scrubbing. No buckets or sponges needed; For deep cleanse use with sponge while spraying. Our one-step applicator releases a measured amount to eliminate product waste.

Our ready to use Body Wash does not cover up symptoms but neutralizes other problems from skin issues!
A powerful body wash that starts to immediately neutralize, moisturize, rejuvenate dry, itchy, flaky skin issues, hair-loss, mange, hot spots, skin dermatitis, yeast, fungus and neutralizes insect bites, skin rashes and other problems associated to bacteria, fungi, and topical skin issues!

Cedar-Derm Elite is a proprietary blend of steamed, distilled Cedar wood oil, from the Juniperus Virginiana grown in Texas also known as an antimicrobial healing oil & Ethyl Lactate (corn).
For use on Horses, Ponies, Dogs and Livestock.

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