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CEDAR OIL BED BUG SPRAY, kills bed bugs and other biting insects. Travelers and Hotel users alike can use this product. Travelers for bed bugs spray all mattress, headboards, under bed, and all luggage racks. Spray luggage when leaving the motel or hotel and when returning home. Place all clothes in washer immediately on returning home and spray luggage again.
**Important: This product is a contact spray and must come in contact with the insect in order to kill.


Using a hand held Atomizer (sprayer), preferably air compression in design, spray a mist of DR. BEN'S EVICTOR BED BUG SOLUTION on the horizontal and vertical surface of the linen stripped mattress, box spring and headboard of the beds. Using the same procedure spray the furniture in the room with the same type mist, the objective being that of promoting death to the bed bugs, mites and fleas at large. Roll back any seams or material tucks of the mattress or box spring and liberally treat those areas with additional spray. Remove the cushions from any furniture and treat the bottom sides and the cushions wells. Chairs with cloth cushions should be treated on the bottom side as well as the top.

Using a compression type sprayer dispersing a fine mist of solution spray each and every square inch of horizontal floor surface including but not limited to the carpet, tile and wood floor areas. Spray the mop boards first and any drapes and curtains to at least 24 inches from the floor. Work backward from the farthest point of the room making sure a liberal amount of the solution is being applied to all areas. It is imperative that no area be left untreated. Spray the legs of all furniture and any lamp posts or other vertical supports. Treat any and all cupboard or vanity areas with a light spray.

EVICTOR is a contact killer as well as a pheromone interruption agent. It is also a penetrate and will erode the insect egg and larvae by promoting dehydration.

The use of approximately 1 gallon of solution is required to satisfactorily treat a 1000 square foot room. 1 gallon per 1000 square foot of surface area is normally required to conduct a satisfactory control or preventative maintenance treatment.

For larger infestations Motels and hotel use the UL fogger to control insects in rooms that are suspect and all rooms in your establishment to ensure the insects are not just moving to another room.

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